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Yes, I promised you four year retrospectives and sappy, sentimental, eye-roll-worthy nostalgic interludes. I claimed it is how I roll, and I promise you, it is. But you see, after four years there are some 10,000 + photographs through which I must sort. There is also the making of arrangements, the packing, the selling of possessions, and the doing this all in a foreign land that must be factored into the mix. So those eye rolls? You’ll get them. In fact, you’d better start practicing now. But for the time being, I have another bit of Hongdae to share with you.

Tucked away behind the one-two punch of a Starbucks and a behemoth Nescafé Café near Hongik University is a tiny side street that is home to the best bread in Seoul (Paul & Paulina’s Bakery), one of my favorite Indian Restaurants (Shanti) and my favorite Japanese café in the city, Café Source. Built in what I assume is a former residence, the café maintains its original structure and is two stories of small sunny rooms and patios, with plenty of seating indoor and out. While the menu boasts all the necessary offerings for a perfect afternoon, it goes without saying that the best thing about Café Source is the Mopple, a mochi based belgian waffle that is both chewy and spongey, covered with so many sweet accoutrements that it must be shared. I don’t know if words can properly express how I feel about the Mopple. Let’s try this: I’m still trying to work out how I’m going to export the chef in my suitcase. (I urge you to check out their menu to see just how extraordinary the Mopple is.)

Here are some photos from an afternoon Youngdoo and I spent on the upper patio last May, with too many cameras and lots of late day sun.

6 Responses to “Café Source”

  1. carolyn says:

    the light in that menu shot really blows my mind. ;)

  2. Ann says:

    I have two words, and two words only: Nescafé Café.

  3. Debjani says:

    Love all your shots, but most especially the table and chair one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wayne says:

    awww.. mopple… I had bingsoo today with a mochi in it.. not quite the same, but still… hmmmmmm mopple…

  5. meds says:

    the mopple looks absolutely divine!

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