New York, Part 2

On my second day in New York, after an early morning walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with my dad (something he’d never done despite growing up in and around New York), I met my friend Corey in Chinatown for an afternoon of cameras and pavement pounding and catching up.

A friend from Seoul, Corey is a recent transplant to Manhattan, so it was a pleasure to see the city through his relatively fresh new lens. I loaded the Nikon with a roll of Fuji Reala I had picked up in Okinawa, and we hit the streets for 50-something blocks of smack-talking and snapping.

And a special little P.S.  Last week this site received its 1000th comment since last April’s re-design. As a thank you for continuing to travel around this planet with me, I am doing a special give-away this week. I will post each day this week and choose a random commenter from each day. Each day’s winner will receive a print of their choosing, as well as some weird stuff from Korea. Deal?

And taking a cue from Mr. Ferry, I’d like to encourage those of you who read along in the shadows to say hello. You might even win free stuff! Here, I’ll help. What is the city/country you’d most like to visit one day? I’m curious to know.

Thank you so much for continuing to visit Little Miss Twig! You make each new place I go that much more interesting.

25 Responses to “New York, Part 2”

  1. Megan says:

    Stephanie, those blue buildings are gorgeous! Can I just come out and ask for a print? Are you selling them?

    For your question, I always wanted to visit Buenos Aires, and I did just this month. I didn’t fall in love, like I expected to, and I think I want to go back to check it out again… maybe that means it’s gotten under my skin.

  2. carolyn says:

    Second love on the blue buildings.

    I’m totally here to win free stuff. :) Just kidding! I am always here! :)

    I want to go to New Zealand. I had a v. good friend in junior high who was an exchange student from NZ and I have a good friend now who is a Kiwi who was living in London for years and years and has suddenly moved home. When I went to Australia a few years ago we originally thought maybe we’d hit NZ too…but we didn’t and I have regretted it ever since!

  3. andrea says:

    could eat all your new york photos up with a spoon. really, I could.

  4. jodi says:

    i am completely in love with your nyc shots. please come back so we can go on a photo walk together, okay?

    i have too many places that i want to go to narrow it down to just one. but my current top three are: paris, san francisco & thailand. (and i seriously cannot believe that i’ve never been to SF. craziness!)

  5. Arliss' says:

    I’m in NYC in two weeks! Too bad our visits couldn’t have corresponded.
    I’m there on my honeymoon, with my new bride, also named Stephanie.

  6. Arliss says:

    …”corresponded”. Not sure if that’s the word I wanted to use. “Connected”, perhaps.
    As always, I blame iPhone spellcheck…

  7. Corey says:

    What you ate: cumin-lamb hand pulled noodles. You can check out my review of Xi’an Famous Foods on my work site. The photos are less than ideal thanks to my iPhone. I recommend that everyone in NYC check it out.

  8. hanne says:

    hm.. iceland, vietnam, mongolia —
    og just stockholm. i always long back there.

  9. Jacqui says:

    hi! i’ve been following you here and on flickr, and your photography never fails to inspire. simply lovely! also, the place i’d most like to visit is my parents’ native country, the philippines. would love to see the setting for all of my dad’s great stories!

  10. Heather M says:

    Dying to go to Iceland! I love NYC. Great photos.

  11. amydawnrose says:

    hello miss twig- i have been reading your blog for a very, very long time now. i’m a canadian who once lived in seoul and taught english and i love seeing the city again through your lens.

  12. Carolyn says:

    I’ll come out of the shadows to say ‘hi!’. I love to follow your travels, and someday I’d love to see your Japan through my eyes!

  13. Jen says:

    Hi S.
    Long time follower, first time commenter (I think?). But we go way back on Flickr!
    I would like to visit Cuba. And France. And Sweden. In any order.

  14. Claire says:

    Hi, I’m a lurker. I love to travel and I love to travel vicariously through your lenses. I’m going back to New York in October and was hoping to do some wandering around Chinatown. Now I feel I definitely need to.

  15. charlotte says:

    like hanne, iceland and mongolia. and always back to japan, japan. next time, specifically, miyajima.

  16. Jess says:

    Rockport! And how about today? (See you soon. xo.)

  17. amisha says:

    these photos make me ache. i am missing new york so bad right now.
    there’s a long list of dream places for us but the trip we’re actually planning/ researching is copenhagen for christmas :) (the top of my dream-list is to visit my friend who just moved to east timor)

  18. shilpa says:

    Hello Miss. Twig,

    I have been a follower for quite sometime. Coming to your blog and viewing your photos is a daily treat.

    I would love to go to Turkey. I am baking quite a bit of bread now and I know Turkey is as obsessed with bread as I am. All sorts of bread. Mmmm…

  19. Cinzia says:

    Hi, I am a lurker too! Your words and your photos are amazing, they truly are. Regarding places, I would say Morocco, Mongolia, Mali, Iceland and Norway…but I am going to NY in October and I cannot wait!!!

  20. janelle says:

    Reykjavik, Iceland! I really, really wanna go! xo

  21. janelle says:

    Oh, look at all those lurkers coming out of the woodwork. Lovely to meet you all!

  22. claire says:

    well steph dear, i can’t wait to visit you in japan, but i want to visit as much of the world as i can manage.

  23. BF says:

    city i most want to visit? kyoto. i think. there are so many. the second is stockholm in the summertime.

    (also: your NYC shots! they make me see NYC differently. great stuff.)

  24. youngdoo says:

    sounds like a wonderful day! i’m glad you to were able to catch up. i will probably do the same when i’m in nyc. can’t wait.

  25. laanba says:

    I’m not exactly in the shadows but I don’t comment too often. I love your photography. As for the country I would most like to visit, Australia!

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