New York, Part 1

New York, bestill my road-weary heart.

Each time I’m in New York, my stay is punctuated with a loud, exclamatory Yes! followed by the ellipsis of …why am I not living here? Question mark. All held in the parentheses of (the so many smiling, familiar faces; the ones I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for so long). With several footnotes†.

†Rice pudding, Cuban food, walking 70-something blocks in one day, IDP, bookstores, the High Line, film, food, subways, old friends, new friends, and in general, supreme excellence.

With that sort of reception, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense why I insist on living so far away.

7 Responses to “New York, Part 1”

  1. Megan says:

    These are really elegant, Stephanie. Makes me like New York a little more.

  2. jodi says:

    mmm. i like nyc through your lens. come back soon!

  3. dave tuttle says:

    nolita, shepard fairey on Houston St., housing works, grand central.
    so so so so so good. you are really really really REALLY amazing!!
    so so good.
    and i’m ready for a little miss twig book.
    yes please.

  4. Bob says:

    Beautiful images Steph. And the more so since you got me to fall in love with NYC again. It would be worth the trip from Boston just for Rice to Riches!

  5. Arliss says:

    I love how some of your East Village pics manage to look just like your Hongdae pics!

  6. BF says:

    yeah, why DO you live so far away?! :)

    let’s meet back in NY soon.

  7. tschitschi says:

    I so agree – why is it again that i don’t live there?!

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