We’ve been having fantastic beach weather this summer on the North Shore, and it’s been the kind with piercing blue skies. My favorite time of day to hit the beach is late in the afternoon, when most people are starting to pack up and head home. The sun is more golden, the water is warmer, there are fewer people, and it’s all around more conducive to planting one’s nose in a good book.

My favorite beach in the area is Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester. It’s tucked into a corner of the Annisquam River, which separates Cape Ann from the mainland, and that means beachgoers are protected from the wind and waves off the open Atlantic for calmer, warmer waters and softer sand. And because it’s a bit hidden and out-of-the-way, it usually means fewer tourists. Another bonus? At 4pm, the parking lot attendants close up their tiny shack and you can save your $20 for a post-swim lobster.

The other day we met at 4:30 behind the dunes.
It was outstandingly windy that day, making it a bit too cold and rough for swimming,

but perfect for flying kites…

and impressing the ladies…

and practicing ninja moves…

(they didn’t look anything like ninjas to me, but I was assured that they were)

and drinking sodas.

8 Responses to “Wingaersheek”

  1. jodi says:

    sounds pretty perfect.

  2. carolyn says:

    fantastic. I, a babe, am seriously impressed. ;)

  3. Debra says:

    They are sweet little ninjas.

  4. Jess says:

    What, you’ve never seen a ninja do an arabesque? These are so good, Steph.

  5. Fevilou says:

    You’ve such wonderful story-telling photos. You inspire me so much. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Steph says:

    I like going to the beach late in the afternoon as well, the sun is a little lower and the air changes – I think it’s the most relaxing time.

  7. marisa says:

    such beautiful photos! :D

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