Five Hour Walk

I don’t have a lot of words, but I do have a lot of pictures. Listen, all this relaxing is positively exhausting. I have to go swimming. I have to lay in the sand. I have to make vodka tonics for everyone at 5pm. I have to read. My nose is deep in the Copper Canyons with the Tarahumara Indians, and those guys run a lot. I’m telling you. I’m exhausted.

To exacerbate the issue, yesterday I ventured out to find another beach further up the coastline and, as I’m prone to do, happened to veer off-course several hundred times by the lure of a tiny street lined with hibiscus trees or a well-placed bicycle. This extended my excursion by roughly three hours, and I never managed to sit down and take my book out of my bag. I was too busy following shiny objects. I did, however, manage to acquire a sunburn and too many photographs.

The 20-something kilometers I logged, plus the sunburn and its associated cocktails remedies left me absolutely catatonic. Thank goodness I follow up this trip with an extended vacation. I am going to need it.

3 Responses to “Five Hour Walk”

  1. laanba says:

    Is there such a thing as too many photographs? :-)

  2. BF says:

    no, i’m not jealous AT ALL.

    (i love these)

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