Cafe 1010

Last Friday was a public holiday in Korea, and  Youngdoo and I met in Hongdae to drink coffee and play with toy cameras. It was a summery day, begging for hot dogs and ice cream cones, so instead of coffees we opted for late afternoon beer and sausage sets at Cafe 1010 (  So cute!

Part café and part adorable shop, Cafe 1010’s airplane-inspired design shows up in every detail. Boarding passes for receipts and passports for frequent visitor stamps. Being a sucker for a good theme, I often find myself the victim of mediocre contents wrapped in pretty packaging. But the atmosphere was quiet, the beer set was delicious, the book and magazine selection was wonderful and, save for the vintage map of Tokyo which was not for sale no matter how much I pouted and pleaded, it was a lovely place to spend an afternoon with a dear friend.

Now, please enjoy the cute.

11 Responses to “Cafe 1010”

  1. BF says:

    you had me at “beer set”. looks like a very nice day indeed…

  2. raeh says:

    What a wonderful little place…your shots are stunning =)

  3. hiki says:

    this looks like a nice place!
    and i’m wondering if you are coming back to tokyo soon…?

  4. Arliss says:

    I love how you’re able to capture “snippetts” of Hongdae, and not include, oh, the 30,000 other things popping up all around it. This is a peaceful Hongdae.
    Ps: dude in Pho sign is a lady, man

    • Stephanie says:

      It’s hard work, Arliss. But there are so many cute new things popping up there. And you should see what’s happening to Itaewon. You wouldn’t recognize it.

  5. Oh this looks so good I will be going there for sure! I’ve been following your Flickr-photos for a while to get some inspiration. We will be moving to Seoul in January and pictures and snippets of life like in your blog and on your stream are so helpful and inspiring. I cannot wait!

  6. This café really makes me want to go to Seoul… Looks unique, i never ever saw any café as beautiful as this ones… I have this impression that once i’ll be there (someday, soon i hope!) i won’t be able to leave, ever…

  7. bettkaa says:

    I like the photos here very much! I love the cleanness and brightness of them. They makes me want to go to Seoul a lot.

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