“Be here now”
– Ram Dass

Even if you’re crooked. Or titling to the left. Or missing a corner. Be here. Now.

8 Responses to “April”

  1. mickie says:

    thank you for the reminder.

  2. Tim says:

    ha, took me a minute but I got it…

  3. claire says:

    you said it lady.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Gawd I love your posts. Are you still in Seoul? I’m gonna be holidaying in Korea in Oct and I can’t wait! Any tips on places to go?

  5. Rosinhead says:

    I am crooked, tilted and missing more than a corner. Hope I can at least remember to be here, and OK with all that. Thanks Steph.

  6. agneta says:

    Your blog ….. it’s amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

    A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

  7. BF says:

    i like that.

  8. this made me smile. lovely.

    xo Alison

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