Forcing Blossoms

Since Seoul has refused to cooperate this year, and winter has refused to release its icy deathgrip, I’m going to take a lesson from my mother and do some forcing.

Every year around this time, my mother returns from her early morning walks in our coastal New England town with armfuls of branches. Forsythia, to be precise. She steals them from neighbors’ yards* so that they may grace her kitchen table. They aren’t much to look at in the beginning, but sure enough, with a little warm water and some encouragement, they soon burst into brilliant yellow blooms.

Since there are no trees in Seoul** from which to steal, this week I’m going to force spring with a little re-visit to Singapore, where frankly, it was summer. Warm, green, colorful, skirt-wearing, blue sky, afternoon thunderstorm, outdoor dining, evening rooftop summer.

* May or may not be true.
** May or may not be an exaggeration.

These photos were all shot on film. Lucky Super 200.

9 Responses to “Forcing Blossoms”

  1. BF says:

    forcing blossoms — what a brilliant idea. these shots have me ready for summer.
    (also, i really love this film. “lucky super film” – a marketing genius surely came up with that name, huh?)

  2. celine says:

    oh my gosh! those purple flowers, with their twisty twists are simply stunning!

  3. laanba says:

    I never tire of orchids. Beautiful flower shots.

  4. hiki says:

    ha! i love the name of this film “luck super film”!
    and yes these lovely shots made me feel a little warm, we are having another winter-like freezing day in tokyo too today. hope proper spring will settle in our ways!

    p.s. good chat over yebisu in june, yes?

  5. Rosinhead says:

    Looks like spring to me. We in New England still have nothing but twigs.
    Oh, and a few buds. There’s hope yet.

  6. Rach says:

    forcing blossoms
    that made me chuckle.

    Hope it warms up over there for you soon!

  7. lucie says:

    love the pink flowers on the blue background! And now i want to try this lucky film!

  8. lisa says:

    Yes, those twisty twists are so wild
    But my fave here is ‘plaza’

  9. MOM says:

    Just a small correction… I do not take them from others’ yards… we have an abundance right here in our own yard…makes for a good story though… in fact think I’ll go get some right now!

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