I’ve been in Singapore for nearly a month now, but you’d hardly know it if you’ve been visiting these pages.

I wish my absence was due to lazying about in hammocks under palm fronds, munching on papaya slices and sipping Singapore Slings from tall glasses. But I’m afraid there’s been far too much work and far too little sleep for any of that scenario to occur.

To be honest, I’ve not seen all that much of Singapore yet, save for the office, a few edit suites and the Ministry of Manpower — all of which are in Chinatown, so I’ve seen plenty of that. To be really honest, Singapore is not all that big, so there is not all that much to see. But the Night Safari, the Nature Reserve, Little India, the orchid gardens and Orchard Road all still elude me. Even my evening on Sentosa Island was brief, crowded and limited to a short walk through the water and sand.

But what I’ve missed in sights, I’ve more than made up for in the other four senses. The stunning palette of colors in everything from buildings to saris to flowering trees to the piercing blue sky make Seoul seem like life in a monochrome cement factory. The air is warm and humid, a refreshing treat to my tired winter skin. At every turn, the air is fragrant with lemongrass, ginger, cloves, fruits, spices, fresh rain and coconut; or some exotic combination of them all. And to the tastebuds, well that’s an entire story of its own. Singapore has long been held in my mind’s eye as some of the best food in Asia, and it has yet to disappoint. But more on that later.

For now, while I collect myself and catch up on sleep, you may feast on this.

16 Responses to “Singapore”

  1. charlotte says:

    quick, catch up on your sleep and get to the night safari.
    there are magical creatures there.

  2. BF says:

    i needed this shot of color and warmth. thank you!
    and get some sleep, will you?

  3. hannah says:

    you are a crazy woman. you know that? but it just so happens, that you’re my kind of crazy. now sleep. yes.

  4. Astrid says:

    I was in Singapore many years ago and I remember very well that warm, humid air you describe. Beautiful photos, miss. And yes, get some sleep you! Good night wished form very, very snowy Bergen.

  5. Jess says:

    Thanks for the peek into your world. Now, sweet dreams!

  6. Leah says:

    Awesome. Beautiful. Vibrant. Kicking a million kinds of ass.

    This post? Or you?

    love. xoxoxox

  7. jodi says:

    oh, yes, that looks quite nice.

    i could use some of that air right about now.

  8. ash says:

    so beautiful.

    and I love that you are at least enjoying some heat, and that piercing blue sky that I adore.

    oh hey, you are almost in my hood! kinda.


  9. Waow! I’m happy you’re back, those pictures made me dream -again. I wish i had such a fabulous place to go to work… But well, dream is always much nicer that reality, so have a good deep sleep & please come back soon*

  10. Tim says:

    Thanks for your kind comment. Happy to have found you on flickr and in blogland. Hope you get out of the office and into Singapore!

  11. Narumi says:

    I’d love to visit Singapore one day ! Your pictures are gorgeous, I’m so envious of your office it looks like a perfect place..

  12. karen says:

    As for best buds, be sure to check out our chili or/and white pepper crab, hainanese chicken rice, char keow teow, and there’s always more of good indian food at little india :) Enjoy your stay! I love your pics.

  13. Sasha says:

    What a beautiful place! I hope you got/get some time to go see some of those places you mentioned. They sound very interesting, especially night safari, humm, what is out there??
    Your photos are always breathtaking and inspiring. I want to come visit someday :)

  14. Ubiquit_y says:

    I miss Singapore! I traded the everlasting summer for cold hard winter in Switzerland now. I’d do anything for some warmth. Enjoy the sunny weather while you can over there. And while you’re at it, if you love seafood, go to down to East Coast (East Coast Seafood Centre), look for Long Beach Seafood and sample the famous Black Pepper Crab. Be prepared to get your fingers dirty.
    I’ll be more than happy to share more eating place in Singapore. Do let me know if you need any suggestions to pamper your tastebuds. :-)

  15. Suzanne says:

    Gorgeous photos as always. Hope you get some needed rest.

  16. Rosinhead says:

    Most of these photos are of doorways. Hmm…

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