Fifty Things

I love lists. I always have. So while enjoying a perfectly simple holiday-birthday weekend, I was quietly concocting a way of sharing some of my favorite bits of the last year. A Little Miss Year in Pictures, if you will. And then the Queen of List-Making, the irreplaceable Andrea, made this list. And it made me smile so much that, like the good friend that I am, I am totally stealing it. That’s right, Andrea. You are my best friend’s closet. I’m here to pilfer.

I hope you like scrolling.

This year I…

1. Took a ferry to Kyushu, Japan for my 37th birthday.

2. Was forced to wear business attire daily and resisted by flirting with the edges of acceptable.

3. Tended to plants.

4. Enjoyed every inch of sunlight in my apartment.

5. Made fortune cookie valentines.

6. Stayed in a fancy hotel, visited a giant Buddha and had beers with Leon in Hong Kong.

7. Shelled fresh peanuts on my windowsill while watching the clouds move.

8. Played with a Seagull in Yeouido Park.

9. Received lots of good mail.

10. Ate jimdak and saw cherry blossoms in Andong.

11. Made my first homemade yogurt. Then made more. And more.

12. Played guitar and drank sangria on the deck at Boundary. (R.I.P. Boundary)

13. Went to and hosted a few birthday parties.

14. Was gifted a new camera and a guitar.

15. Shared countless lunchtime curries and after-work chicken n’ beers with Erik.

16. Bought a purple linen tunic from UniQlo and too many shoes.

17. Watched a nation mourn the suicide of its former President.

18. Picked wildflowers along the Han.

19. Made the interns pose for me in the brainstorming room.

20. Took a lot of naps on the blue couch.

21. Loved every minute of the monsoon.

22. Bought a blue bowl and put cherries in it.

23. Ran beside the Han River, around the Imperial Palace, through the Presidio and along
the Willamette River.

24. Made a new friend from Finland.

25. Lived in Tokyo for three months to develop a global marketing campaign for a Very Large
Corporation. It took my breath away. Tokyo, not the Very Large Corporation.

26. Found myself on a Wednesday evening in Omote-Sando with a friend from Boston
and a serving of octopus hot dogs.

27. Found a favorite hang-out and became a regular at  Kojimachi Café in Tokyo.

28. Ate sweet potato soft serve, drank beer and climbed a lot of stairs on Enoshima Island.

29. Experienced my first earthquake. Then my second, third, fourth and then I stopped counting.

30. Spent two glorious days laying in the sand and the sea at Shirahama Beach.

31. Soaked in a private onsen as the full moon blanketed the Pacific.

32. Saw a man with a furry orange head hanging from a building by one hand in Harajuku.

33. Ate blueberry swirl soft serve next to another giant Buddha.

34. Bought tenugui as souvenirs and gifts in Kamakura.

35. Stalked three old men for 20 minutes in the Shibuya Bic Camera. They never saw me.

36. Spent a Saturday in Yokohama with Hiki.

37. Developed a habit.

38. Was fed peanut butter toast, pellegrino, a spacious front porch, two outstanding neighbors,
a pumpkin-carving party, and chocolate chip cookies in Echo Park by one of my very dearest friends.

39. Saw 6 friends from college, five brand-new-feels-like-old-friends (1,2,3,4,5), 3 former co-workers,
1 old roommate and 1 ex-boyfriend in Los Angeles and did not take a solitary photograph of any of them.
Except Adam’s busted finger and these two:

40. Found the perfect dress.

41. Drank eggnog, ate tacos and laughed a whole lot in San Francisco.

42. Met one hundred dogs, several sea lions, a few naked people, two sunsets and
one sunny morning on Baker Beach.

43. Rode an overnight train 18 hours from San Francisco to Portland because I thought that
would be fun (it wasn’t), but at least I woke up to this.

44. Had coffee and scones and photoboothing with Claire and Nathan at The Ace
on a Sunday morning in November.

45. Wrote a love song.

pola by Moxiee

46. Attended the Best Wedding in History, where I finally met so many familiar,
awesome faces. No really. So many. Seriously! I am not kidding you. Totally awesome!

And again, not one picture of any of them.

47. Spent a week with my other very dearest friend and her first offspring.

48. Ate my weight in fresh roasted chestnuts.

49. Went to a friend’s exhibition.

50. Took 23,589,091 pictures of the view from my window.

Hm. I just realized something. I don’t think I am allowed to complain about anything ever again.

Thank you, friends, for coming along for the ride this year!

29 Responses to “Fifty Things”

  1. jodi says:

    an amazing year, for sure. thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. BF says:

    what a great look-back through 2009. what a year, eh? it’s been great to follow along with some of your adventures here…. cheers to more fun in 2010!

  3. julia says:

    holy shit. i think i need a list too.

    also, this is awesome awesome awesome. here’s to another amazing year ahead. i’m pretty sure 2010 will be just fine. if not better.

  4. shari says:

    loved this. what a beautiful year you had!

  5. Leah says:

    You know my favorite part of this list? Is that it is only some of the adventures you had. Some! That means there are others and they are also awesome! Hooray for you, lady.

    My goal this year? Have more adventures! Maybe also do less complaining*! And definitely do more superstar poses in Whole Foods with bottles of dish washing liquid. xox


  6. hannah says:

    can i transplant myself into your list? or borrow it at least?

  7. tuttle says:

    i could shell peanuts, eat roasted chestnuts, lay in your sunlit apartment staring out the window listening to your stories for days. maybe weeks even.

  8. sara says:

    what a year! hope 2010 is even better. (if that’s even possible.)

  9. Monka says:

    seriously, this sounds like the best year ever. <3

  10. Astrid says:

    I enjoyed this a lot.

  11. Molly says:

    I loved this. Every little bit of it.

  12. alissa says:

    this list took my breath away!

  13. ash says:

    this is all kinds of wonderful.
    thanks for taking us along for the ride

  14. Jess says:

    Hi there. I’m a relatively new reader, and this post was a breathtaking window into your world. Looking forward to more in 2010!

  15. laanba says:

    What a fabulous year you have had!

  16. Monka says:

    can i live your 2009 as my 2010??

  17. martha says:

    what an amazing year.
    happy new year!

  18. Fotofigg says:

    Your beautiful list just pulled me out of an extremely crabby mood. Thanks for your lovely photographs and your equally lovely soul!

  19. andrea says:

    I could not love this more. you might think I’m exaggerating but you’d be wrong. I LOVE THIS. also? you can raid my closet anytime. both literally and figuratively. natch.

    p.s. am particularly happy about #46.

  20. claire says:

    it really was a pretty good year. x

  21. Stephanie says:

    So when are you all moving to Seoul?
    Thank you thank you, times a million!

  22. lisa says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing. That’s quite a year.

  23. Adam says:

    This is fantastic, I love the list format, and I really like the photos especially the old men and San Francisco at dawn. I am enjoying your blog and look forward to reading/viewing more.

  24. aja says:

    your blog is AMAZINGGG….i strolled through and love it!!

  25. molly says:

    2, 25, 32, 33. Favorites, in that order. Except also pictures 42 + 43, which filled a Pacific-size hole in my heart. Awesome list. Happy 37. A good year, in my opinion.

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