City of Angels

Well, if one is going to go on vacation, one may as well Go On Vacation with capital letters. I know it seems with all my gallivanting around northeastern Asia this year that I’ve done plenty of vacationing. But the truth is that in the last year I took one day off and had a handful of holidays. That gallivanting was stuffed into business trips and holiday weekends and regular weekends, and perhaps two of those adventures did not include at least a little bit of work in the mix. Sights were seen through slightly blurry eyes and never with enough sleep.

When your year has been all about clients and powerpoint presentations, and your vacation is long-awaited and much-needed, it is important to spend it on familiar territory where there are no sights to be seen beyond a newly re-done kitchen or a shady backyard. When what you need is complete and total relaxation, it is important to be in the company of toothy-grinned people who feed you, laugh at all your jokes and do a lot of hugging.

It’s been six years since my last visit to Los Angeles, a place I once lived and worked, had a favorite Thai restaurant and a Thomas Guide. It is not a place I have ever wanted to stay, but it is a place filled with good, longtime friends who, despite their busy schedules, will pick up right where you left off and make it feel like home.

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  1. janelle says:

    It IS home! At least in the “home is where the heart is” sense.
    LA misses you already. xo

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