Tucked Away in Corners

For me, one of the most intoxicating and mysterious parts of Japan is the way that everything is not out on display, overt and declarative, but is instead hidden behind curtains and rice-papered windows, discovered through half-open doorways and narrow passageways.

To a hungry person or a nosy curious person, this is at times frustrating, as it is not the welcoming invitation to come, sit down, enjoy.

But to the stealth ninja or quiet observer, it is absolutely beguiling. Like peeking into a impressively lived in dollhouse or well-manicured shadowbox, or looking through the peephole of a Victorian sugar easter egg, there are secrets tucked away in those corners and hiding in the slivers of a half-open door.

5 Responses to “Tucked Away in Corners”

  1. jodi says:

    you summed that up perfectly.

  2. pricca says:

    Those courtains picture a story from the origins of Manga I believe! It’s part of Choju Giga scroll painting by Toba Sojo

  3. ash says:

    I could not love this post more, beautiful steph.

    your b+w collection is making me weak at the knees btw.


  4. cindy says:

    i love your black & whites. they seem so appropriate and intimate. wonderful.

  5. carolyn says:

    i love the tones of this film and these inviting glances. so lovely!

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