Shimokitazawa By Day

Shimokitazawa :: Tokyo

And by night.

6 Responses to “Shimokitazawa By Day”

  1. sara says:

    any chance you’re planning on writing a tokyo travel guide (with pictures of course). because i bet it’d be great.

  2. charlotte says:

    i’ll have some dripcoffee please.

  3. cari says:

    That red bike. Sheesh.

  4. hiki says:

    omg! you found my client, i made the website of the shop in the first pic!!
    yea this is a great set showing the feel of Shimokitazawa so well, there are more places i want to show you in tokyo (or rather places i want to see through your lense) can’t wait till you come back!

  5. BF says:

    that photo is just perfect. you know me so well! thanks, steph.

  6. What a lovely little collection of Shimokita photos! I just love Shimo and you have captured it so beautifully!
    So happy to find your blog! Happy 2010 to you! Love Love Hello Sandwich xxx

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