Old capital with historical spots

Kamakura is well-known as a old capital with a great many temples and shrines. The city is surrounded by mountain on three sides, while to the south it faces Sagami Bay. It is a beautiful tourist area. It has warm climate. Upon entering the back street leading from the busy main roads, you see beautiful bamboo fences and live tree fences in a quiet residential environment.

The wooden Daibutsu (Great Buddha) was built in 1238 but was destroyed later by a great wind. In 1252 a bronze Daibutsu was built inside giant structure. Later, the structure was destroyed by a great wind and seismic waves, exposing the Daibutsu as it is today and it has been since 1495. The Daibutsu in Kamakura is wellknown to the world because of its size and beauty.

The physical dimensions include a length of 11.31 m (sitting position), a facial length of 2.35 m, an eye length of 1.00 m, an eyebrow length of 1.24 m, a mouth width of 0.82 m, an ear length of 1.90 m, and a weight of 121 tons.
From the Kamakura Tourist Guide

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  1. jodi says:

    i heart kamakura. even though it is touristy, it is still so nice, isn’t it?

  2. ash says:

    oh steph, I think the you just killed me a little bit. ok… a lot.

  3. Ann Mah says:

    Oh, I love Kamakura. I’ll never forget the afternoon I visited, during the height of cherry blossom season. Palest pink petals fluttering down like snow. Enchanting! Your photos reminded me of a very lovely day.

  4. medha says:

    Kamakura is my favourite spot in Japan, and Nara comes a close second. It has so much more than what the one-day tourist can see.

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