Maybe it was the weather. The threat of a typhoon that, until late Friday afternoon, was threatening to ruin any chance at a successful beach holiday; the clouds that have persisted since. Perhaps it was the crowds. The masses of people, all using the 5-day holiday weekend to fill every train, plane, bus, hostel, pension, hotel and ryokan in the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Perhaps its my upcoming Big Trip that is putting some hestitation into the spending of my yen. Perhaps it was simply laziness, ennui, or exhaustion. But the truth was that I had little desire to travel long distances this weekend. So I didn’t.

That is not to say I’ve done nothing. My feet would argue with you, as they have walked approximately 10 kilometers each day inside and outside of Tokyo. There have been trains and bookshops and ice cream cones. A little beach time and a big bronze buddha. Some shoe shopping and art shopping and a new watch. Some blisters and band-aids. Some new film friends, some polaroids and beer. My feet might argue that, clouds or no clouds, a beach holiday would have been preferable. But I would not.

And there’s still another day left, which I plan to fill it with the park, a book, some podcasts and perhaps a nice curry. My feet, they would like a vacation.

5 Responses to “Staycation”

  1. Leah says:

    I think this is one of the best ideas you’ve had yet.

  2. julia says:

    i know i advocated for the sea. but in reality, i’m pretty sure i would have done the exact same thing. staycation might just be my favorite thing ever. actually. i think i need one. stat.

  3. amisha says:

    i love those days, when you’ve just walked and walked and your feet are aching but you’re tired in the happiest way. the staycation sounds just right.

  4. hiki says:

    so you stayed in tokyo, oh well, but it sounds like you enjoyed your “silver week” holidays. you probably need a good long foot massage now?
    where did you explore, you might have walked through the entire tokyo? if you haven’t been to yokohama, we could go there one day perhaps ;)

  5. mar mar says:

    That’s nice Steph and Imma let you finish but first I gotta say this about your photo: POSTCARD!!! I would buy that licketysplit.

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