Octopus Hot Dogs and So On

Wednesday evening, my friends Meera and Ross rescued me from what otherwise would have been another steamy night with a series of graphs, flowcharts and charts explaining How the Internet Works. Thank you, Meera and Ross. Thank you from the depths of my soul.

As part of her yearly quest home to Singapore, Meera was able to convince her family of a side trip to Tokyo. Little did we know at the time that I would already be here to greet her.

We were all exhausted — they from non-stop-family, me from non-stop-powerpoint — but we managed to gather the strength to find beer and drink it. Much to our delight, we were presented with tiny hot dogs cut into the shape of octopus. This was the necessary fuel we needed to carry on.

We didn’t have a lot of time, but we had enough time. Enough to wander quiet side streets with cameras. Enough for Ross to convince Meera that Tokyo might be a foreseeable future residential option. [I could be projecting here] Enough to have conveyor-belt-sushi and enough to realize that living in Seoul with easy access to conveyor-belt-sushi has tarnished the sparkling novelty of conveyor-belt-sushi, as it is always merely so-so and I always want to order off the menu anyway, just like a regular, non-conveyor-belt-sushi restaurant. Enough time to realize that the real appeal of conveyor-belt-sushi may simply be that it eliminates the need to order food in a language you cannot speak. Enough time for Ross to eat sashimi that looked like Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama. And enough time to get the best hug possible, from one of the best people I know.

4 Responses to “Octopus Hot Dogs and So On”

  1. BF says:

    those octopus hot dogs have sort of blown my mind.

  2. claire says:

    octopus hotdogs!

    exactly what brian said.

  3. tiffany says:

    you know, it is easy to make them yourself. you just get the wieners from the supa, and cut the bottom part into legs. then drop them into boiling water for a bit until they curl out. add black sesame seeds for their eyes. popular item in preschool lunches or i would not know so much about them.

  4. Meera says:

    You boo. I am sorry we did not have more time, but yes, it was such a very lovely evening. I did not feel I had seen Tokyo’s heart until we met. And then there it was, beating prettily with octopus hot dogs and all.

    It took us so long to get home. I really need to get to sleep now, somehow, but instead I am googling “cat pee smell spray” because there is a small but distinct circle of Zheli-pee on my EXPENSIVE ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR and I am totally paranoid that she has been leaving presents elsewhere in the house as well.

    Ahem. I will be crossing my fingers for your exciting future prospects, but really, you do not need luck. You already have you.

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