Just like that

This past weekend was of the glorious, magical sort. The kind in which everything sparkles and everything glows, and it wasn’t because I am smitten. I walked half of Tokyo and then some, fueled by not much more than mochi and Pocari Sweat and the promise of organic yogurt. The sun was brilliant, the sky was blue, the wind was strong and warm. I saw three clouds on Saturday and a cloud on Sunday.

After stumbling into a tiny hilltop park in Daikanyama, I found two girls perched high on a rock. One stood proudly and confidently into the wind, laughing and chattering away. She leaned into it, as if the wind taking her would have made her fly. It was exactly how I felt. Just like that.

8 Responses to “Just like that”

  1. hannah says:

    stephanie. seriously. i’m grinning like an idiot here…

  2. Leah says:

    the other girl on the rock? that’s me. right this second.

    sparkling, glowing, wind blowing, laughing, hands over my eyes because I almost can’t believe it.

  3. julia says:

    love this. if i could feel like them everyday, i would. and it would be glorious.

  4. claire says:

    oh stephanie. you are fabulous.

  5. Erik says:

    Um, you are smitten… with Japan.

  6. ash says:

    oh steph, so wonderful

  7. oh this is great. in the thumbnail on flickr, i couldn’t see the rock and i thought they had both just leaped into the air… now that i see the rock, i still think they are leaping into the air with their minds, one maybe worrying a little bit about what she’ll find there, and the other sure she can beat it, whatever it is.

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