Sunday in Samcheongdong

Given the Very Long List of Things I Have To Do Before July 19th, I should probably not be prancing about in Samcheong on a Sunday afternoon, lollygagging in cafes, drinking Mango smoothies, buying necklaces, shooting Agfa, poking heads in shops, eating woodfired pizza and having a rather perfect summer afternoon with a Finn and a Korean, but that is exactly what I did.

9 Responses to “Sunday in Samcheongdong”

  1. BF says:

    stop it with these photos. “for two” is simple and perfect. and the bicyclette? oh man.

  2. hannah says:

    july 19th…….

  3. thedoo says:

    these are lovely photos. it was lovely time.

  4. i really want those bike pedals. :)

  5. Anna says:

    wow! amazing photos. the three girls made me laugh, but the pizza, the kitchen and the cafe just blew me away!!

  6. Leah says:

    10 days… eeee!


  7. claire says:

    you are killing me with this pizza. i’m absolutely going to make this for my dinner tonight.
    your sunday sounds lovely. i’m all about the lollygagging :)

  8. lisa says:

    i heart the queen of england pic

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