It all started at lunch last Friday. I spied a photo of pasta something with something sauce and CAPERS, slammed the menu shut and declared, “I am going to make chicken with lemon caper sauce tomorrow.”

“Excellent, I have planned nothing,” declared Erik, inviting himself over.

And so it was that I found myself hosting my first dinner in Korea the very next night. [Fast clapping hands] Bill and Youngdoo rounded out the guest list. Another rainy Saturday night, in a string of many rainy Saturday nights, but this one with roasted potatoes and onion relish and music and wine and lemon caper sauce and good friends and chocolates and pastries brought back from Spain.

8 Responses to “Piccata”

  1. BF says:

    oh! i need to cook with capers more often. my favorite: fried capers.

    also: can you send me that recipe for the relish? mmm.

  2. julia says:

    ooh capers. i have a half-full jar that needs using. off to find a recipe with capers for the weekend…

  3. Tina says:

    You apartment is amazing and that relish looks so good.

  4. Rach says:

    *swoon* sounds so good.
    Hope ya’ll are doing well =)
    Your fantastical miss Steph =)

  5. Ash says:

    Nothing better than those nights spent with lovely friends, good conversation and great food. Oh, and wine of course :)

    Hope the rest of your weekend is just as great!

  6. Leah says:

    I am inviting myself over every Saturday night from here to eternity.

  7. claire says:

    i would like to invite myself over also.

  8. lorna says:

    oh my.
    i am swooning over that bedroom/stairs arrangement and the lighting!
    lucky gal :)

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