at Corner

One of the things I love most about Seoul are all the teeny tiny shops and their amazing merchandising and design. Everything is presented so beautifully, you want to buy everything in the place even if you can’t figure out what the hell they are actually peddling.

at Corner near Sangsu Station in Hongdae is such a place. I could spend hours in there examining every inch, but I’m still not quite sure what they sell. It appears they sell lots of old medicine bottles, vintage European treasures and canvas bags you can rubber stamp yourself with antique letter stamps. Last time I was there, there was the new addition of an antique dentist’s chair and well-worn ceramic coasters I am coveting. The owner sews stuff in one corner of the shop — I am not certain what — and the music on the old jukebox is always good. All I know is that I want everything in the place. Whatever the hell they peddle.

4 Responses to “at Corner”

  1. hanne says:

    i would go crazy in there even though i didn’t know what they were selling.
    and antique letter stamps? – i’m always looking for that here in norway! i think i need a trip to korea.

  2. claire says:

    oh me too! i’ll take at least one of everything i’m sure.

  3. jane says:

    looks like my kind of shop.

  4. lucie says:

    splendid!!! I love the old map on the quandon photo.

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