Perfect Rain

You know that perfect kind of day? You know the one. The kind where nothing is particularly perfect, particularly spectacular or amazing, it just is? And in that is-ness is the perfect? That kind.

Because today was not the kind of day in which birds follow you down the street attending to the hem of your skirt and pinning your hair in place while you sing to the flowers. It was not the kind of day in which the sun glitters a golden haze over everything, casting long shadows and illuminating the leaves. It was not a day that involved fast-clapping-hands, giddy dancing in place, or sparkling eyes overflowing with hearts and stars. There were no rainbows, no unicorns. No talking animals.

In fact, today was the kind of day that had a little rain and a little late to work. It had casual Friday Chuck Taylor’s and Planet Money podcasts and quiet office and meeting deadlines on time and an article translation so painful you want to stab yourself in the face, so painful you decide a break to do international banking is relaxing. It was laughing a lot at nothing more than the astonishing comedic genius of you and your co-workers. It had an available seat on the subway, friends that meet you after work with gin and tonics in paper cups, bulgogi and beer and standing in the park in the rain to watch a surf-Beatles-tap-dancing-seven-piece Korean band sing their hearts out. Hot chocolates and umbrellas.

There is something to be said for the simple kind of happy. The kind that is not tied up in yesterday or tomorrow or anything but right now. Today was that kind of happy, and I hope your Friday is the very same kind. Perfect.

8 Responses to “Perfect Rain”

  1. MOM says:

    your eloquence is just so uplifting… I have to remember to come here more often… love you…MOM

  2. Sarah says:

    Glad your Friday was so lovely. Mine was/is completely mental and stressful…If I had seen a unicorn, under a rainbow, singing “We Shall Overcome” I would have run it over with my car….
    But, at this tale of the day it was nice to read your posting and smile for a bit…not sure if it was the posting or the after effects of me drinking wine directly out of the bottle…
    Only kidding. It was your posting! Love You!!!!! me.

  3. martha says:

    thank you.

  4. Astrid says:

    hurrah for everyday life

  5. mary says:

    i second what your mom just said. 1) uplifting, and 2) i need to come here more often.

  6. hanne says:

    your writing is so perfect.
    and yes, hurra for everyday life!

  7. katie says:

    thank you. just what i needed.

  8. claire says:

    oh thank you sweet girl. your happy makes me happy.

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