The Sand

I believe I’ve mentioned that I used to live in a cave in the remote corners of Seoul. Once or twice. I no longer live in a cave, and I now live in the exact opposite of remote. In fact, I live in the very center of perhaps the most vibrant part of Seoul. As with most cities, leave it to the students and the artists to create the broadest collection of awesome available in one spot. Nestled between five universities, I am surrounded by cafés, wine bars, galleries, record shops, used bookstores, live music, and teeny little shops. All within walking distance.

Every single day I discover some new little treasure, some new little secret spot. So I’d like to bring you the little pockets and corners of my neighborhood, one by one, week by week. Our little secret. Just between you and me.

Let’s begin with The Sand, whose Gangnam location was a favorite dessert and wine hangout when I lived in Songpa. This version is tucked away from the madness of Sinchon’s main drag, has a great music selection, divine waffles, addictive potato wedges, two salads I am dying to try but are never available, and is still my favorite Sunday afternoon reading spot.

6 Responses to “The Sand”

  1. BF says:

    i think you know that i freaking love the look of this place. esp. japanophilia.

    (also, i’m pretty pumped to explore your hood)

  2. Leah says:

    You totally have space for a roommate. An awesome roommate, I mean.

  3. eimy says:

    can you take me there when im in korea?? please.

  4. lisa says:

    i’m flying there right now…should be there by sunday.

  5. lucie says:

    This place seems to be so peaceful! Loce the coulour tones they chose to décorate the café.

  6. m says:

    Where did you find that notebook?!?!? Brand?

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