Seoul Flea Market

A few weeks ago, I went to Seoul Flea Market to find weird, old Korean stuff to hang on my walls. I suffered a case of what my friend Tina calls IKEA Syndrome — in which one spend hours browsing and collecting, only to leave everything mere inches from the check-out due to overstimulation — and left with nothing but some photos in my camera.

I am totally ok with that.

Click on the thumbnails for the gallery.

6 Responses to “Seoul Flea Market”

  1. BF says:


    i want to frame this series and hang them in my apartment. really stunning.

  2. julia says:

    this place sounds amazing. i definitely suffer from ikea syndrome too. i’m so glad to finally have a proper diagnosis.

    at least you got these effing incredible photos though.

  3. I like these a lot. I have recently discovered that I am able to suppress my urge to collect everything in sight by photographing everything in sight that I might want to collect, and then collecting those photographs. Therefore, I should go to Korea to collect myself.

  4. these are great. sigh.

  5. claire says:

    ugh. ikea sucks.

    i love these flea market treasures! photos are a good thing to take away.

  6. stef says:

    hi, i really love ur photos. do you mind to share this fleamarket address n info? thanks alot xx

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