By popular demand…

It’s really not important that one has furniture or an apartment of one’s own, for that matter, when one stumbles upon something that one knows will pull a whole room together when one has said room.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I previously lived in a cave in the netherregions of southeastern Seoul. It was compact, it was dark, and let’s not discuss the “kitchen” or the “shower.” The cave did its job, and I survived, but it did not exactly inspire the happy homemaker in me.

This is why, upon my return to Seoul, I was selecting decorative pillows before I had selected an apartment to put them in. I was determined to have a sun-bathed, big-windowed, real-shower-real-kitchen apartment with a separate bedroom. It would not be unfair to assume that auditions of potential homes were greatly influenced by their ability to properly showcase these two pillows. I discovered them in a shop in Hongdae a week after my return, and I ran back there the night I received my first paycheck to retrieve them.

The pillows are designed by Jin Kim of kitty bunny pony. She is a graduate visual design student at Seoul’s major art institute, Hongik University, and comes from a family of textile manufacturers, so the evolution of design to fabric was a natural one. Jin not only has the animal line, but some really gorgeous geometric and retro designs as well as some handstiched pieces. The bunny pillows are screen printed on organic cotton canvas at her father’s textile factory.

And yes, I am already mental for the polar bear. My apartment will soon be a zoo.

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  1. rachellake says:

    I don’t exactly remember how I found your site the other day, but I’ve been incredibly inspired by your writing and photography.
    I’ve spent several summers living in Athens, Greece and am heading back for a much longer stay this fall, and your adventures in Seoul sound so wonderful.
    My first few greek apartments sound very much like “the cave” and I’m determined upon returning in the fall to make more of a home for myself there.
    Those pillows are to die for!

  2. BF says:

    yes but i’d like to focus on that blue couch. it rocks.

  3. Jin says:

    happy to see my things here.
    and thank you for introducing me, too.

    i want to give you a polar bear as a present.


    i will send you eamil.

    nice to know you.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hello Jin! Thanks for all your help! And Polar Bear!! Yay!

    Hi ladies. wink. nudge.
    Hi Rachel, lovely to meet you. Thanks for the kind words.

    Ferry, it’s heaven, that couch.

  5. Tina says:

    Oh, those pillows are to die for. Off to checkout the website. Thank you for this.

  6. KH says:

    First step into business hehehehe :-)

  7. claire says:

    aw steph, you’re killing me. i must have that polar bear.
    and the deer
    ok, maybe the penguin too.
    stop it.

  8. julie says:

    Ikea cannot come up with a better picture than that Blue Couch with Rabbit Pillow.

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