Did you have Dim Sum?

In February, I was tasked with the very difficult assignment of going to Hong Kong to acquire my work visa. Difficult because Hong Kong was enjoying temperatures well above 20ºC while Seoul was enjoying temperatures well below 0º.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, I implore you to eat as much Dim Sum as you can possibly stand. Not because I can tell you where to get the most amazing Dim Sum You’ve Ever Had, but because this will be the single most important and pressing question people will have waiting for you upon your return. I know this is what you are supposed to do in Hong Kong, but people, I live in Seoul. What Hong Kong has in large supply that Seoul does not is wood-fired pizza, tapas, olives, cheeses, smoked salmon, capers, inexpensive wine and several thousand English pubs.

I rode a bus to the beach and a cable car to a giant Buddha and an escalator up the side of a mountain through the middle of the city. I browsed Chinese pastry shops and Chinese medicine shops. I shared a lunch one day and a happy hour pint the next with Leon (thank you, Leon!). I ordered room service and watched Arrested Development and lounged in a giant hotel bathrobe. I wore skirts and sandals and humid hair. I took too many photos, which I will be posting all week. And yes, I ate Dim Sum.

4 Responses to “Did you have Dim Sum?”

  1. BF says:

    well now this makes me want to go to chinatown and get some dim sum, pronto.

    (excited to see your photos this week)

  2. carolyn says:

    OK it does seem perfect to me somehow to be watching Arrested Development in Hong Kong! :) I adore all four shots, but particularly the framing on the lower left and the tones on the lower right. awesome.

  3. emdot says:

    i have to tell you a very sad story. i have never had dim sum. please, eat the dim sum for me and tell me all about it!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh M. I am sorry to hear that. I like looking at it more than eating it. No I like eating it more. I can’t decide.
    Hi Carolyn! Thanks! That’s my favorite one, too.
    Did you go get some, Brian?

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