I learned a lot of things at home this summer, but the most important things were these:

I am excellent at Wii Golf. Just like a good little Birdie. Or perhaps an Eagle.

Former state prisons make excellent boutique hotels and fancy bars.

There is not a suitcase big enough to get everything I need from the Paper Source back to Korea. I will need a container ship.

Greg Kinnear is extremely handsome, Appaloosa was painful to sit through and Boston film fans are a surly, surly bunch.

Sarah & Jesse’s roof, Jake’s cooking, exploring with Lisa, Monday nights at Toad, brunch with Liz and slumber parties at Michelle’s could almost be enough to make me think about staying. For just a second.

I’ve had amazing taste in friends for a very long time.

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  1. Michelle says:

    We miss you!!!

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