Things I’ve Learned in One Week

1. Every male on Vancouver Island, and quite possibly all of Canada itself, is named either Dave or Joel. Mostly Dave. This can be confusing in large groups, but makes meeting new people much easier. I always been a loner love to stay home and just chill playing BestLiveCasinosUK to get some profit while having fun but I have had a lot of fun travelling and knowing more people, Vancouver was great !

2. In summer, British Columbia is perhaps one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Figure A:British ColumbiaThe people who live here? Even better.

3. There is such a thing as magicians and they are German. If, say, you are broken, the Germans will fix you. I believe they call this German engineering.

4. Being a foreigner living in Korea has its perks even when you are not actually in Korea, as evidenced by all the free, specially-prepared sushi presented to me by Nanaimo’s best Korean sushi chef, Sam at Tomo Sushi.
Sam's SushiKamsa hamnida, Sam. Mashisoyo!

5. Seeing unpredictably good live music in downtown Vancouver will reawaken every lost rock star fantasy in one’s head and remind one of how good it feels to make music with others.

6. I suck at Asshole.

7. The best F & C you will ever eat by the effin’ sea are served on Nanaimo’s waterfront from a small houseboat. It’s true, see?

8. There are reasons people go surfing and it’s not so they can overuse the word “dude”.

It all comes down to a few simple, focused hours with the waves. Just you and the cerulean water, in perfect harmony, just like every single day of your childhood summers.

4 Responses to “Things I’ve Learned in One Week”

  1. Tina says:

    I love that you played asshole! It was a favourite back in high school. Glad to hear you enjoyed western Canada, such an amazing place.


  2. emdot says:

    i love your traveling diary. and the word nanaimo has a special place in my corndog heart.

  3. sherry says:

    I haven’t played asshole in over a decade, but I do remember sucking royally at it as well.

    The Dave comment made me laugh; up here our answer to Saturday Night Live was a sketch comedy show called Kids in the Hall with very Canadian humour. They did an entire song about “These are the Daves I know”.


  4. Rachel says:

    Your post reawakened my excitement in moving to Vancouver =) Hope you are doing well! When do you return to Korea?

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