Saturday marked the completion of my sixth month in Seoul. I am officially half-way there, whatever “there” means. Half-way to the end? To the start? It is unclear at this time.

My sister, unknowingly anticipating the occasion, sent a care package which arrived just in time to celebrate. It contained Reeses miniatures and Twizzlers. Please note use of the past tense. While I am more often inclined toward “Get your Frankenstein food away from me; bring on the brown rice,” I am also equal parts “Candy makes a perfectly acceptable breakfast.” I took this delivery to mean I did not have to go grocery shopping all weekend, and for that I am eternally grateful.


Since living abroad has lost its newness and has moved into territory that can only be described as perfectly normal, I arrive at my seventh month without any great revelation or swelling orchestra. Instead, I have a growing list of Things I Miss More Than I Thought I Would.

I seem to like lists of 10, so we’ll just keep things consistent.

1. dryers
2. Trader Joe’s
3. my guitar
4. home decorating
5. pets
6. “dinner parties/backyard BBQ’s/wine & Project Runway with Janelle” type affairs
7. my career
8. yoga classes & their respective teachers
9. tending to plants
10. ovens

I’ve found decent tacos, some really great pubs, some lovely new friends, and plenty of alternatives to my favorite hang-outs. Hot Dogs on Sticks are hardly a replacement for Top Dog, but they will do for now. The mountains make up for the ocean. And thanks to visitors and care packages, I have been supplied with (hopefully) enough deoderant to finish out my Tour of Duty powder fresh and odor-free.

But these other things…I’m afraid they don’t fit in a box.

9 Responses to “Six”

  1. Mathias says:

    I don’t see cupcakes in this list.

    If you need another package full of chocolate, let me know ;)

  2. Astrid says:

    I hope I’ll experience living abroad once. Not just holiday, but actually working somewhere else than Norway. It’s seems exciting. I enjoy reading this.

    Oh. I can provide chocolate too. Norwegian chocolate. Want some?

  3. Heather says:

    Oh, I don’t know if I could survive without Trader Joe’s any more. It used to be a wonderful place out in CA that I visited, with lust in my eyes, every summer. Now it’s become a necessity, the cornerstone of my grocery shopping.


  4. tina miely says:

    Ah. Top Dawg. I enjoyed that this 4th as well….Matty S. making his rounds at my house as cheaply as possible but still miss him enough to allow said behavior.
    What are your thoughts upon finishing?

  5. Meera says:

    You pretty pretty thing. I really adore you more and more. :-)

    Why no plants in the Seoul apartment?

  6. Janelle says:

    Please come home soon. Jamesons without you makes me appear to be an alcoholic.

    Here is some lovely news: Season 4 of Project Runway starts in December with a season finale in February! Do you arrive stateside in January?

  7. doogin says:

    you forgot fenway park!

  8. Ann(Moxiee) says:

    i see four out of those that i couldn’t live without (dryer being one even with my disdain for laundry).
    i think i’d be too chicken to leave all i know.
    you’re a brave one to actually do what you have done.

  9. Pip says:

    I played your guitar two weekends ago.

    It misses you too.

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