A legitimate reason to consider permanent residence

When it comes to hair management, I am of the low-maintenance persuasion. This is for a number of reasons, but most importantly these three:

1) Laziness
2) Frugality
3) Lack of concern for such matters

I’m just not someone who can easily part with between $60 and $75 on a monthly basis to maintain the fresh ends of my locks. There are more important things on which to spend my money such as Domino magazine, excessive amounts of paper goods and hot dogs. Instead, I prefer to wait until my hair is unbearably straw-like in texture, at least a good six months. I blame the inventors of the hair-tie, the headband and the hat, three things that make it easy to ignore the highly flammable nature of my head.

There are times when being the yellow-haired foreigner has its perks. Monday was one of those times. I met my friend Kristin for some long overdue haircuts at Leechard Salon, (apparently it’s Richard but through the filter of the Korean translation it is spelled Leechard). We were washed and cut side by side, so she could translate for me and keep them from giving me a blue mullet.


I was guided from chair to shampoo, shampoo back to chair with hands at my back like an invalid. I liked that. Two women tag-teamed my head to dry and straighten my hair, while my stylist, Jeong Hu, looked on and made comments. It was clear the foreigner was getting preferential treatment.

Jeong Hu used a cutting technique that can only be described as “ninja”, with the added bonus of something no one has ever thought to do for me: thinning from beneath. Finally I am free of accidental Liberty Bell Head.


The result is probably the best haircut I have ever had, complete with free lunch. Yes, you read that right. Complimentary salad and lunch bar with sandwiches, kimbap and fresh fruit juices.

Oh and did I say mention this was all for the massive total of $13?

7 Responses to “A legitimate reason to consider permanent residence”

  1. mom says:

    very nice…probably feels good too!

  2. liz says:

    i’m moving to Korea.

  3. emdot says:

    ohmigod. do they cut brown frizzy hair too? cuz i think i’ve got the liberty bell going on RIGHT NOW. it’s actually a hybrid, one part thelma from scoobydo, one part liberty bell. korea, please: i need you and your ninja scissors.

  4. Stephanie says:

    mwahaha! i dressed up as thelma from scooby doo for halloween once. it’s not a very hot halloween costume.

    You can move to Korea, Liz!

    It does, Mom.

  5. Julie C says:

    I too have been putting off the haircut. why? agonizing over do I color first (out of a box, very low on dough), before cut, or after cut? girls? (live in so flo, must be blonde(r). wondrin what the blue mullet might have looked like…)

  6. jandazza says:

    Dude. More haircut photos! MORE! That one in the chair looks awesome.

    I’m so putting off rebuilding houses in New Orleans to come to Korea for a haircut. Girl’s gotta have her priorities.

  7. Ann says:

    Oh my god this sounds lovely!
    I do miss the shampoo. I haven’t had one done by any other hands by mine in years.
    But Athena is $35 so I’ll do without.
    I WILL get a beer and be able to watch the Tivo’d version of ANTM from tonight though as she cuts.

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